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Ending October


Confession.  I have a deep love for black beans.  So small.  So simple.  So healthy.  So good.  I eat them year round, but the following recipes (which I made this week) evoke a bit of autumn: spicy black bean hummus (I doubled the amount the lemon juice) and blackbean and butternut chili (in the future I will add more heat with 2-3 chipotle peppers, and reduce the amount of chili powder to 2 tablespoons).  Happy legumes to you!


10.28.2010 – Handful of [Organic] Heirlooms* (Santa Cruz –> SoCal) — Why does everything taste better in/from NorCal?

10.29.2010 – Blurry Eyed.  Clear Hearted?*

10.30.2010 – Golden Bear Fans Do It Better* (Pasadena, CA)

10.31.2010 – Small Discoveries* Diptych

– La Sera, “Never Come Around”
– The Swimmers, “Hundred Hearts”
– Washed Out, “Feel it all Around”
– The Drums, “When I Come Home”


10.26.2010 – Gratitudes by Candlelight* — thanks to Southern California Edison and aging infrastructure.

10.27.2010 – Shutter Malfunction*

– Badly Drawn Boy, “Too Many Miracles”
– Other Lives, “For 12”
– Sun Airways, “Oh, Naoko”

The Heart’s Weather

I woke up to darkness, which gave way to a dense, dripping fog, which, in turn,  gave way to the sun’s autumnal rays.  This sunlight, inevitably, will make way for dusk, and dusk to darkness.  Something in the day’s weather resonates with the unsettled weather of my heart.  Unable to discern what is true, each oxygenated thought courses through delicately designed arteries only to turn blue and rush back restlessly into the heart’s chambers.

The constant in this day is the beat.

To a Long Loved Love: 3

I know why a star gives light
Shining quickly in the night;
Arithmetic helps me unravel
The hours and years this light must travel
To penetrate our atmosphere.
I count the craters on the moon
With telescopes to make them clear.
With delicate instruments I measure
Secrets of barometric pressure.

Therefore I find it inexpressibly queer
That with my own soul I am out of tune,
That I have not stumbled on the art
Of forecasting the weather of the heart.

~ M. L’Engle

10.25.2010 – Beats and Bursts*

– Lykke Li, “Paris Blue”


10.22.2010 – Dressing like a 4-Year-Old*

10.23.2010 – Stripping Wallpaper*

10.24.2010 – Beware (Skyline Trail)*


– Devendra Banhart, “Little Yellow Spider”
– J. Tillman, “Earthly Bodies”
– Lisa Germano, “snow”
– Sharon Van Etten, “Love More” — I ❤ this song!


10.20.2010 – End of the Day*

10.21.2010(a) – Another Bad Education: What Happened to Critical Thinking?*  (Garden Grove, CA)

10.21.2010(b) – Caracole!!!* (Belgium –> CA)

– Lovers, “Boxer”
– Mystery Claws, “Flashlights”
– Best Coast, “Far Away”
– The Thermal, “Now We can See”
– Games, “Everything is Working”

Life Keeps Coming…and Going

An extended weekend in the greater San Francisco Bay Area allowed me to spend time with dear friends new and old.  Four days of quality time filled with laughter and conversations that plumb the depths of life.  Grace upon grace.

And before I forget, be sure to check out The 1010 Project, “10 photographers.  10 photos each.  All taken on 10/10/10.”

10.14.2010 – 12.25.2007’s continued “gift”*

10.15.2010 – Unexpected Meetings and M. L’Engle* (Brea, CA)

10.16.2010 – Gold & Blue: Don’t be Fooled, the Grapevine is Not Always Ugly* (On the 5-N, CA)

10.17.2010 – PHOTO FAIL

10.182010 – Views Triptych* (Mt. Diablo State Park, CA)

10.19.2010 – The Goods* (Felton, CA)

– Freelance Whalers, “Enzymes”
– The Vaccines, “Blow It Up”

Wallet Finds

While cleaning out my wallet, I found a punch card for a pho restaurant where my good friends and I ate once a week.  Come 12:30pm, we would ditch the law school building and campus in order to regain sanity, debrief the week, and laugh (and sometimes cry) over steaming bowls of pho.

My perferred pho experience = a cold snowy/rainy day + veggie or chicken (as long as the chicken is already cooked) + heaps of bean sprouts + hoison sause + Sriracha chili sauce + lots of fresh lime juice + my UWLS faves.

I miss my C.A.M.P. girls.

10.13.2010 – So Close…* (Seattle, WA)








– Houses, “Reds”