Autumn on Hold

The seasons have reversed course.  Last week saw record breaking scorchers.  This week started off with rain and wind, but by Thursday the sunshine and warmth returned, albeit the high was a mere 84ºF.

I have bid a temporary farewell to my sweaters, scarves (meant for warmth, not those meant for accessorizing), and coats; and I have returned to my tank tops and flip-flops.  Don’t be a hater.   Although, I think this means my list of favorite things concerning autumn is on hold.

10.7.2010 – Split and Frayed* (Orange, CA)

10.8.2010 – Pliny the Elder* (Tustin, CA)

10.9.2010 – The Quiet Freeway* (Irvine, CA)

Blogtrack: New Finds
Candy Claws, “Silent Time of Earth”
The Wooden Sky, “Something Waiting for Us in the Night”
Poncho, “Please Me”


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