Life Keeps Coming…and Going

An extended weekend in the greater San Francisco Bay Area allowed me to spend time with dear friends new and old.  Four days of quality time filled with laughter and conversations that plumb the depths of life.  Grace upon grace.

And before I forget, be sure to check out The 1010 Project, “10 photographers.  10 photos each.  All taken on 10/10/10.”

10.14.2010 – 12.25.2007’s continued “gift”*

10.15.2010 – Unexpected Meetings and M. L’Engle* (Brea, CA)

10.16.2010 – Gold & Blue: Don’t be Fooled, the Grapevine is Not Always Ugly* (On the 5-N, CA)

10.17.2010 – PHOTO FAIL

10.182010 – Views Triptych* (Mt. Diablo State Park, CA)

10.19.2010 – The Goods* (Felton, CA)

– Freelance Whalers, “Enzymes”
– The Vaccines, “Blow It Up”

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