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More Cloud Covers

I saw The Town, and I am wondering if it is strange that five minutes into it I thought, “I could totally live in Boston.”  What about violent bank heists, broken communities, and Charlestown accents screams, “You, California girl, could live here!”?

Happy birthday to my eldest brother, JSA!

9.30.2010 – Orange Lights Lead Home*


– Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., “Nothing but Our Love”
– Rewards, “I Used To”
– The Secret Sisters, “Tennessee Me”
– Parlor Wawk, “Home”
– The Avett Brothers, “Shame”
– North Highlands, “Steady Steady”


9.29.2010 – No Dirty Glass in the Way.  Just Space.* (Orange, CA)


– Glasser, “Home”
– Anoraak, “Don’t be Afraid (feat. Sally Shapiro)”
– MDNR, “I Go Away”
– The Acorn, “Restoration”


I need to clean my windscreen so I can see beautiful clouds more clearly.

9.28.2010 – Muggy* (Tustin, CA)


– Lovedrug, “Southern Knell”
– The Bees, “Silver Line”
– Chad Vangaalen, “Willow Tree”
– Washington Mile, “The Rain is Coming”
– The Antlers, “Epilogue”
– Jóhann Jóhannsson, “The Gift”

Sufjan & Bike Shelves at 108°F

A day of record-breaking temperatures throughout Southern California ended well for me with a couple glasses of chilled goodness and new Sufjan Stevens — I would marry this man if the opportunity presented itself.

Sweetness to my ears and taste buds.

9.27.2010 – Sufjan Grigio*

Additionally, I saw the following today on Knife & Saw, and was struck by the piece’s minimalist/ingenious/beautiful design:


– Sufjan Stevens, The Age of ADZ.  Stream the album in full at NPR’s First Listen


9.23.2010 – Zested*

9.24.2010 – Gold to Dark*

9.25.2010 – Incommunicado*

9.26.2010 – Scooped* (dairy-free chocolate pudding)

– Miniature Tigers, “Bullfighter Jacket”
– Warpaint, “Undertow”
– Kaskade, “4:00 AM”
– Kisses, “Bermuda (Active Child Remix)”

Fortune for the Open Handed

9.22.2010 – “Use My Hands to Use My Heart”*


KCRW live, in-studio sessions by The Walkmen and Band of Horses.

My Life in Colors

9.18.2010 – Monotone*

9.19.2010 – View Drive-bys * (Long Beach, CA)

9.20.2010 – Salt Water*

9.21.2010 – Dreams on Wheels Diptych* (Irvine and Orange, CA)


THIS beautiful (and downloadable) mix courtesy of Michael of Threading in the Choirs.  And THIS project supporting and showcasing the musical endeavors of several talented muscians.