The Heart’s Weather

I woke up to darkness, which gave way to a dense, dripping fog, which, in turn,  gave way to the sun’s autumnal rays.  This sunlight, inevitably, will make way for dusk, and dusk to darkness.  Something in the day’s weather resonates with the unsettled weather of my heart.  Unable to discern what is true, each oxygenated thought courses through delicately designed arteries only to turn blue and rush back restlessly into the heart’s chambers.

The constant in this day is the beat.

To a Long Loved Love: 3

I know why a star gives light
Shining quickly in the night;
Arithmetic helps me unravel
The hours and years this light must travel
To penetrate our atmosphere.
I count the craters on the moon
With telescopes to make them clear.
With delicate instruments I measure
Secrets of barometric pressure.

Therefore I find it inexpressibly queer
That with my own soul I am out of tune,
That I have not stumbled on the art
Of forecasting the weather of the heart.

~ M. L’Engle

10.25.2010 – Beats and Bursts*

– Lykke Li, “Paris Blue”


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