Ending October


Confession.  I have a deep love for black beans.  So small.  So simple.  So healthy.  So good.  I eat them year round, but the following recipes (which I made this week) evoke a bit of autumn: spicy black bean hummus (I doubled the amount the lemon juice) and blackbean and butternut chili (in the future I will add more heat with 2-3 chipotle peppers, and reduce the amount of chili powder to 2 tablespoons).  Happy legumes to you!


10.28.2010 – Handful of [Organic] Heirlooms* (Santa Cruz –> SoCal) — Why does everything taste better in/from NorCal?

10.29.2010 – Blurry Eyed.  Clear Hearted?*

10.30.2010 – Golden Bear Fans Do It Better* (Pasadena, CA)

10.31.2010 – Small Discoveries* Diptych

– La Sera, “Never Come Around”
– The Swimmers, “Hundred Hearts”
– Washed Out, “Feel it all Around”
– The Drums, “When I Come Home”


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