Daily Archives: November 14, 2010

Beaten by Brittle

I attempted to make beer brittle this afternoon.  Having never made candy I had no idea what I had committed myself to, or the amount of cleaning, er, scraping required.

Round 1.  I ran upstairs to grab something. Bad idea.  I returned to the pot boiling its contents all over the stove.  Mmm.

Round 2.  The recipe indicated the total time for making brittle was 25 minutes.  That time elapsed with the candy only reaching 210°F of the required 310°F.  Another twenty minutes of simmering brought it to 250°F.  Five minutes later, it was at 330°F and beyond burnt.  Yum.

Final Score:  Brittle-2, E-0.

Beer brittle, you will not beat me again.  I will see you again; and when I do I would greatly appreciate your being in your proper non-burnt, non-boiled-over state.  Please and thank you.

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