For the Love of All that is Autumn

Some of the Small Things I Love about Autumn:
• The smell of pumpkin cooking/baking — thank you to whomever’s pumpkin-based baking wafted across my path today!
• The vibrant colors of Fall foliage and crunching fallen leaves underfoot
• Comice Pear season
• Soup-making (and eating) season
• Rediscovering sweaters, scarves, and coats that have been packed away since March(ish)
• Drinking ungodly amounts of tea in the varieties of peppermint, Rooibos, and (decaffeinated) Early Grey
• Long walks in the waning sunlight enjoying #2, and which necessitate the use of #5
• Sleeping under a heavy-fill duvet with the windows wide open
• Red cheeks, chilled fingers and warm hearts

9.6.2010 – Sidewalk Decorations* Diptych (Orange, CA)

– Beirut, “Scenic World”
– Les Shelleys, T. Brosseau, A. Correa, “The World is Waiting for the Sunrise”
– Fruit Bats, “Everyday that We Wake Up it’s a Beautiful Day”

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