All Caught Up!

The photos below bring me up to date.  BAM!  And thank goodness.

Part way through posting photo after photo after photo, I realized I had neglected to upload the photos in chronological order.  Whoops!  There is an order of sorts within each post, aka photos are in chronological order (top to bottom) from oldest to most recent.  Alas.

Here are photos to kick off September and my return (¡uf!) to SoCal:

9.1.2010 – Shade*

9.2.2010 – Special K (+ almond milk = 2/3 of my summer meals –> sadness)*

9.3.2010 – Corona + Salt + 2 Limes*

9.4.2010 – Getting Caught Up*

9.5.2010 – Fissures*

9.6.2010 – “She’s got everything she needs / She’s an artist, she don’t look back” * (The Lab, Costa Mesa, CA)

– The Walkmen, “Angela Surf City”
– The Love Language, “Heart to Tall”
– Sufjan Stevens, “I Walked”
– Carolina Chocolate Drops, “Kissin’ and Cussin'”

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