Back in the Saddle: August Week 4

8.23.2010 – Dust* (Mount Hermon, CA)

8.24.2010 – Last Bridge* (Mount Hermon, CA)

8.25.2010 – Last Day of the Blue Jay* (Mount Hermon, CA)

8.26.2010 – West Cliff Freedom* (Santa Cruz, CA)

8.27.2010 – Life’s Little Labyrinths* (Santa Cruz, CA)


Slate stones
sunken into grass
Pilgrims feet traverse
winding life and prayer                           toward Truth
Practicing presence

Lord, have mercy.
Christ have mercy.

Beginnings and ends
form and chaos
pattern and confusion
youth and age
in twists and turns.
The enfolds of the Divine


8.28.2010 – The Life I Never/Will Have* (San Francisco, CA)

8.29.2010 – The Last 2 Years in Cut-Out * (Emeryville, CA)

8.30.2010 – Lakeshore Blur* (Oakland, CA)

8.31.2010 – Colors * (Back in the OC)

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