Back in the Saddle: Part 1 of Many

It has been a long but good summer.

My online absence was due to my laptop’s  decision that connecting to the internet was no longer necessary.  Now I’m back(!) with a head and heart full of things to ponder and write about, and a memory card full of photos.  I will slowly but surely add photos from my Project 365.

And to kick things off…

6.3.2010 – Rolling Along* (Somewhere on the 5 North, CA)

6.4.2010 – Hello Old Friends! It’s been Far too Long* (Mount Hermon, CA)

6.5.2010 – The Next Three Months* (Mount Hermon, CA) — I don’t like this shot for so many reasons, the primary one being that it looks like I took it with a mobile phone  a la 2001.  Oh well.


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