Last Day

Scheduling the euthanization of one’s pet is a strange and surreal experience.  To set a time, pencil it into your calendar, and wait.  Tomorrow I will arrive at the veterinary clinic  ten minutes before the scheduled appointment time, carry my dog into a sterile vet examination room, and stand next to the cold metal examination table, petting my dog as he “goes to sleep.”

While I view animals as little lives, I am not one of those people who treats pets like people.  That said, I have never been present for the passing of any life.  In fact I have never seen the dead body of any one or thing I have loved.  My grandparents passed in hospital beds, so my last memories of them are of tired and weary bodies and souls surrounded by beeping machines and oxygen tanks.  From hospital beds to closed caskets.  Tomorrow there will be no distinct separation between life and death.

Tomorrow . . .

5.24.2010 – Those Ears*


– Tape, “Daytrotter Session, May 21, 2010


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