Rational Sentimentality

I am rationally sentimental.  Which is to say, I do not collect things, but I do keep things of meaning hoping that they will be repurposed in the future.  Perhaps this is the product of years of hearing my mom and maternal grandma say, “Keep that.  Your kids will want it one day.”  So I kept “that” in hopes that it would experience a utilitarian rebirth in the future.  And as an added bonus “that” also serves as a reminder of who I once was and/or the person who gave it to me — hello, Sentimental.

“Keep it for your kids” is fine advice for generations when most people married and had a couple of children by the time they reached my age.  But now I think about the closet space I could reclaim if I purged/donated/recycled many of these items, and how much less I will have to sort through and pack when I move.  And after having helped people move who err on the side of sentimentality, I know the necessity of simplifying one’s life.  Enter “The Rational.”

Someday I may regret it, but for now more closet space is too appealing…

4.5.2010 – Childhood Friends in Need of New Homes*


Fanfarlo, “Ghosts”


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