Project 365: Tech. Beauty

My ipod battery died, and I finally got around to ordering the specter of spending 10+ hours on the 5 (aka Interstate 5) in silence or switching between bad Central CA radio stations (the majority of which are Christian and Mariachi music stations) became very real.  I am VERY proud of myself for replacing it all by myself.  Now Ira Glass and Rob Bell will accompany me for several hours of next week’s journey.  Take that Apple!  Bam!

It was a two-part operation as I had to go purchase a T6 Torx screwdriver.  The photos I took on the 25th about the process were “better” but this is called Project 365, so here’s the “best” of the two photos I took yesterday.

3.26.2010 – ipod Insides*


Yeasayer, “Madder Red (DOCTOR ROSEN ROSEN Rx)”


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