Beauty Sandwiched by Scary

The joys of yet another fabulous weekend!  After a hectic week filled with work, classes, and not enough sleep I headed to Mexico with a good friend to visit her parents at “El Rancho” in Valle de Guadalupe, where her father is a winemaker.  The weekend brimmed with Latin hospitality and copious amounts of laughter over incredible regional wines and delicious meals — it never hurts to be the guest of a Swiss chef turn winemaker!

Valle de Guadalupe is Mexico’s equivalent of Napa and Sonoma of the 1970s.  So if you want to dust off your passport, sample amazing artisan wines, practice your Spanish, and are willing to get lost on some dirt roads, Valle de Guadalupe is for you.  I cannot wait to go back!

And to make the weekend better, as we were just about to cross the border (and phone service started again), my friend and I learned that CAL’s (our alma mater) men’s basketball team had not disgraced us in their match up against Duke, AND that the House of Representatives had passed a Health Care Reform bill!

3.19.2010 – Just Say NO to Reagan (Tustin, CA)*

3.20.2010 – Perfect Ending to a Great Day (Rancho Sol y Barro, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California)*

3.21.2010 – Perfect Start to a Great Day (Rancho Sol y Barro, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California)*

3.22.2010 – Wet-Blanket-Glen-Beck-Loving Neighbors*


Quantic and His Combo Barbaro, “Un Canto a Mi Tierra”;
The Generationals, “When They Fight, They Fight”;
A Camp, “Here are Many Wild Animals”;
The Morning Girls, “Part of Your Nature”


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