Beautiful Days

It was a spectacular weekend in Southern California!  Low seventies, sunshine, clear skies, and views of and LA Basin and the Pacific.  And what made it all the better I was being able to spend Sunday afternoon with a much beloved friend (and old college roommate) who was in town for business!

Beers.  The best burger in LA.  Window shopping on Abbot Kinney.  Wandering the bungalow-lines streets of Venice Beach.  Catching up on one another’s lives.  Laughter.  Beauty.  My heart was happy.

Sadly, I forgot that my camera was in my purse until after dropping my friend off at her hotel.  Darn.  It.

On my way to the freeway I snapped the following photo of cow hide rugs flung over a fence that we drove past twice that day.  Each time we could not help but stare.  My friend’s comment was, “That’s the kind of stuff I saw as a kid when visiting my grandma in Queens.”  Apparently nothing unites this nation like its affinity for fake animal skin rugs hanging on fences.

3. 14.2010 – Limelight (West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, CA)*

3. 15.2010 – Paperweight*


Lady Antebellum, “Need You Now” — I know this is quite the departure from my usual blogtracks.  BUT I need to replace my ipod’s battery and there is only so much NPR and commercial rock-pop-hip-hop radio one can take in a weekend full of driving.


One response to “Beautiful Days

  1. Thank you for this note and the photo! I love those cow rugs…and don’t forget the zebra.

    I love you and miss you!!!!

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