My grandma is 92 today!  She has lived through much of what defined the last century: the Great Depression, World II (and the handful of others wars), the Civil Rights Movement and desegregation.  She has survived the passing of her parents, siblings, and beloved husband (whom she met in Confirmation Class at the age of twelve).

Today I played operator/personal assistant, setting up phone calls so she could speak with all of her grandchildren — the photo below is of her on the phone with one my brothers –, and read her a large stack of birthday cards.

I asked her what her favorite birthday memory is, and she answered, “This one.”  I wonder if her present becomes more real, more defining as her dementia steal away more of her memory and cognitive abilities.  Whatever it may be I am thankful for these precious moments with her; when she stops mid-sentence, grabs my hand, and tells me, “You’re my cutie kid.”

3.11.2010 – This One (Orange, CA)*


Solo rendition of “Happy Birthday”;
Massive Attack, “Paradise Circus (feat. Hope Sandoval) (Gui Boratto Remix)”

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