Project 365: “[G]et a better camera”

While out on a long walk (and taking a few photos along the way) I said hello to a middle aged man I passed on a county road.  To which he responded, “You need to go home and get a better camera.”  Maybe it was because I was standing in the middle of a bush trying to get the right angle for a shot.  Maybe he had seen me earlier standing atop a fencepost taking the first photo below.  Regardless, who says that?  Dear Sir with the small white dog: rudeness and wittiness are not the same thing.  Oh well, shortly after he passed me I got the desired shot, and a few meters down the road I spotted what would become today’s second shot.

2.7.2010 – Letting Go/Hanging On (Lemon Heights, CA)*


Twin Shadow, “Castles in the Snow”


2 responses to “Project 365: “[G]et a better camera”

  1. I have always thought that part of the challenge of photography is making due with what you have. We can’t all afford a 1D Mark iv… Love the Feather!

  2. I think that’s pretty funny. I do sometimes have camera envy when I see all of the fancy cameras other folks have….I have one step up from a point and shoot, but it’s a small step up. Yesterday when I was out shooting a man came up to me and said, “you might as well go home, because I already have all of the good shots.”

    Love the feather. Keep going.

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