Monthly Archives: February 2010

Project 365: Sofreh-ye Aghd

2.27.2010 – To Sweeten Life (Long Beach, CA)*

Today one of my closest friends married the man she loves.  Intimate.  Tender.  Beautiful.  A blend of Persian and Christian traditions culminated in the coming together of two lives and hearts.

To a life marked by transformative love, joy, faithfulness, grace and gentleness.

To Mr. and Mrs. Khorram!


Dawes, “If You Let Me be Your Anchor”

Project 365: Moleskin Planner

2.26.2010 – Leather-bound Life*


The Morning Benders, “Excuses”

Project 365: Tea

2.25.2010 – Steeped (Tustin, CA)*


Foreign Born, “Early Warnings”

Project 365: Fernie 2004

2.24.2010 – Palette Knife Heart (Canada to CA)*


The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, “Ride Friendship”

Project 365: Orange

2.23.2010 – Over Easy.  Sunny Side Up.*

Project 365: Pentax

Below is my first SLR, Pentax Spotmatic SPII.  Like all good cameras it was a hand-me-down; I received it from my dad.  Sadly, it no longer works.  Instead it stares at me with a its single lens begging me to take it in for a second opinion.  Soon.  Very soon.

2.22.2010 – Out of Commission*


Cinematic Orchestra, “To Build a Home”

Project 365: Long Beach

Weather forecasts of a rainy weekend resulted in skies which rotated between ominous gray and glorious sunshine.  I spent the weekend with friends discussing life, watching the Winter Olympics (+ ogling Norway’s Aksel Svindal), and celebrating a dear friend-and soon-to-be bride.

Throughout the weekend I was reminded of the peace and beauty that undergirds this season of life; even if looks uncertain and beleaguered from the outside.

2.20.2010 – Half the Sky (Long Beach, CA)*

2.21.2010 – Connect.Separate. (Long Beach, CA)*


Beach House, “Real Love”

There’s something wrong with our hearts
When they beat pure they stand apart
In the black room, the light, watch the seabird fall
Real love, it finds you somewhere with your back to it

I met you…

You know, you know, we belong by the stream, to the dawn