Daily Archives: January 21, 2010

Project 365: Frame

1.21.2010 – Glitter Hearts (Orange, CA)*

I am mesmerized by hands.  Functionality, beauty and life collide in the cracks and lines of skin.  Physical identity lies in each print, and movement in each joint.  Our hands hold the people and things most dear to us.

This is the second photo of my grandma’s hands I have posted during Project 365, and it is likely a few more will pop up in the future.  I cannot help myself.  This morning I visited my grandma during arts and crafts hour.  I sat and talked with her as she painted and decorated a picture frame.  Her hands tell of a life well lived — each wrinkle and arthritic knuckle depicts her joys and sorrows.  As her mind and memories leave her, her hands still reach out to hold mine.


Explosions in the Sky, “Your Hand in Mine”
Underoath, “Returning Empty Handed”