Project 365: Wool

1.8.2010 – Like Layers of Wool Around My Heart (The Orange Circle, CA)*

The title of this photo comes from a Swedish saying my grandma offered up over dinner one evening years ago.  Before the passing of my grandpa.  Before her physical body became her enemy.  The saying’s image is beautiful: a heart warmed, protected and able to breathe in life’s inclement weather.

On the left is one of my dearest friends in the world.  She is like layers of wool around my heart.  To laughter and lives shared!


– Atlas Sound, “Walkabout”
– Class Actress, “Careful What You Say”


2 responses to “Project 365: Wool

  1. Funny how that saying wouldn’t sound half as good if it were “like layers of polyester around my heart.” Regardless of material, I feel exactly the same way!!

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