Project 365: Lunch

1.7.2010 – Satsuma Love (Irvine, CA)*

Winter citrus is one of my favorite things about this time of year.  There is something so welcoming and attractive about their bright oranges, pinks, and yellows, especially when they still wear their verdant leaves.  But nothing tops a cold, juicy satsuma.  And here one sits atop an organic Fuji apple.  Happy lunch to me!


Timber Timbre, “No Bold Villain” (Daytrotter Session, 1.6.2010)


3 responses to “Project 365: Lunch

  1. Hi there, it looks like we both like peeling paint and mandarin oranges. I was going to comment on your peeling paint this morning. Yes, loving 365. Today I told my husband I did a pix of the mandarin as I was eating it and he said, “of course you did.”

    Here’s a kind of dumb question. How do you get your name to link back to your site? I don’t think I’ve found that button yet…but it was nice to be able to click through to yours (I have it bookmarked too).

    Loved your blue paint, and this one too.

    • Yes the simple pleasures of paint and oranges.

      As for my name (in my comment) linking back to my blog…while still logged into wordpress I opened your site in a new tab and left a comment, and the link was generated automatically. I checked my settings and most them are set to the default settings (in other words there is nothing that stood out to me as the obvious reason for why the link would be generated). I hope this helps!

  2. I wandered into your site on Kim’s (Kim’s Tour of No Regrets) recommendation. Your 365 project looks like it’s off to a great start. I love the older hands. I especially like the Finishing/Starting Strong photo analogy. I plan to visit often, so I hope you get used to “seeing” me here!

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