Resolutions: Project 365

I have never made new year’s resolutions before.  I am keenly aware of the areas in my life (= self, career, relationships, world, etc.) I want to transform and/or scrap.  So I am not sure why, at age 28, I thought 2010 was the year for making resolutions.  But I did.  In fact I made three.  A personal, an employment/career, and a creative resolution, all of which deal with living a more disciplined life.

The Creative Resolution. I recently stumbled across Brian Ferry’s blog, the blue hour, which consistently challenges me to delve deeper into photography.  In hopes of improving my photography skills, and as a means of giving myself a creative outlet, I resolved to take (and post) a photo a day for the duration of 2010.  More information is available at Project 365.

* All rights reserved.  Please contact me before using any image on this site.  Thank you.

1.1.2010 – Finishing/Starting Strong (Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.)*

1.2.2010 – LGB (Long Beach, CA)*

1.3.2010 – Not So Crystal Clear (Crystal Cove State Park, CA)*


One response to “Resolutions: Project 365

  1. Thank you for sharing your creative resolution; it’s an encouragement for me.

    All the best for a wonderful 2010.


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