December Playlist: 2009 in Review

December Playlist = 2009 in Review

As 2009 winds up I am drawn to the following songs, both new and old, because each tells a bit about a moment/season of the last year.

  1. Miracle Fortress, “Have You Seen in Your Dreams”
  2. Mumford & Sons, “White Blank Page”
  3. The Weepies, “Not Your Year”
  4. mewithoutYou, “C-Minor”
  5. Thrice, “Silver Wings”
  6. Rosie Thomas, “Kite Song”
  7. Kings of Convenience, “Homesick”
  8. A.A. Bondy, “I Can See the Pines are Dancing”
  9. Junior Boys, “Parallel Lines”
  10. Yeasayer, “Ambling Alps” — “Now, the world can be an unfair place at times, but your lows will have their complement of highs…raise your head and wear your wounds with pride” = sooo good.

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