For Your Listening Pleasure

Last February I began creating monthly playlists for Lisa, a dear Chicago-based friend.  I figure I would link to the adapted versions of the original playlists here should you desire to (1) know a little more about me, and/or (2) listen to some new music.  Please note that the original playlists have been altered because 8tracks does not have all the songs listed on my original playlists.  I recommend checking myspace for the “missing” songs.  The missing songs are listed below.  Happy listening!

February 2009 = Introductions

  1. Friendly Fires, “Skeleton Boy (Single Version) – ON THE MIX, but one of the best videos of 2009.
  2. Paper Route, “Second Chances”
  3. Ferraby Lionheart, “Small Planet”
  4. Soul Savers, “No Expectations”
March 2009
  1. The North Atlantic, “Bottom of this Town”
  2. Gregory Alan Isakov, “The Sea The Gambler”
April 2009
  1. Maria Taylor, “My Favorite…Love”
  2. The Duke Spirit, “Sovereign”
  3. Copeland, “Not so Tough Found Out”
Summer 2009 = Remembering to Celebrate
  1. FM Belfast, “Underwear”
September 2009 = Songs to Break Your ❤
  1. Denison Witmer, “Around Everything”
  2. Wild Light, “California on My Mind” — while this song does not meet the playlist’s criteria, its inclusion on this list makes sense for so many reasons. 
October 2009 = Beat Your Heart Out

  1. Home Video, “You Will Know What To Do”

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