I have a love/hate relationship with possibility, the unknown.  Possibility is expansive, providing limitless space to dream and act.  Possibility provides the backdrop for living out faith, hope and love with exuberance.  However, possibility with its infinitude can be suffocating.  Uncertainty can arise when there are no boundaries, and rationality quickly enters in with its questions, concerns, and anxieties in tow.

What do you do when all you have are possibilities?

Where I am right now, possibility is both paralyzing and freeing.  I am in a geographic location that discourages me.  I am unemployed and uncertain if the degrees I possess (and went into significant debt to obtain) and the career I am pursuing are really what I desire.  The possibilities I chased have left me broken and in possession of a heavy heart.

Yet in this brokeness there is freedom, glorious, life-giving possibility.  The possibility to release my expectations about where and who I thought I would be at twenty-eight.  The possibility to dream larger than I ever imagined myself capable.  The possibility of living into those dreams and, by extension, my calling.  The possibility to receive back (without shame or bitterness) my battered heart from the man I had entrusted it to, and to allow it to be tenderly restored and strengthened.  The possibility to continue loving with my heart and hands wide open.  The possibility to see and pursue beauty in the unknown and unexpected.

Oh the possibilities!

Lykke Li, “Possibility”
The Temper Trap, “Sweet Disposition”

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